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Christy Maksoudian
Christy Maksoudian, PhD Student KU Leuven Nanohealth and Optical Imaging Group
Optimizing nanocarrier uptake in tumors for the improved immunotherapy of cancers

Christy’s research will focus on the use of different therapeutic nanomaterials (NMs) and their interaction with the immune system in view of cancer therapy. Combinations of NMs and clinically approved immunotherapy regimens will be tested to look for synergistic effects. Additionally, the effect of the NMs on immune cells (neutrophils/macrophages) associated with cancer development will be evaluated as well as the ability of some NMs to specifically affect tumor-associated macrophages in view of improved therapy.

Promotor: Prof. Stefaan Soenen

Co-promotor: Dr. Bella Manshian

List of Publications
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