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The main focus of our research group is the use of nanosized materials and their application in life science, including but not limited to cancer therapy or contrast agents for non-invasive imaging. More detailed information concerning our research can be found on the page Research.

These non-invasive imaging techniques make use of fluorescence and bioluminescence imaging in small animal models, or image-based flow cytometry for detection of rare samples (e.g. circulating cancer cells, exosomes). For more information, go to Research Tools.

January 2023: New Publication

New publication with the group of Prof. Dr. Carine Wouters and Prof. Dr. Patrick Matthys from the Rega Institute KU Leuven in EMBO reports. Congratulations to all the authors.

August 2021: Vacancies

Open calls for postdoctoral fellows via an FWO-funded fellowship. Contact us or see for more details here: call on NPs for gene therapy, call on optical imaging and/or MPI, call on CAR-NK cell engineering.

June 2021: New Publication

New publication on tumour vessel co-option by Dr. Laure-Anne Teuwen and prof. Peter Carmeliet in Cell Reports

May 2021: New Publication

New publication with the group of Claire Wilhelm on intracellular remodeling of CuS nanomaterials in ACS Nano

January 2021: New Website

Launch of our new website! Welcome to our new website. We hope this will increase our visibility in science!

January 2021: New Publication

The Use of Alternative Strategies for Enhanced NP Delivery to Solid Tumors in Chemical Reviews

December 2020: Happy New Year

Our group is wishing every one a merry Christmas and happy New Year! Cheers to 2021!


We are always happy to collaborate on any projects where our expertise would be beneficial. Please do not hesitate to contact us for any information or project ideas:

Optical imaging

Dr. Bella Manshian:

Nanomedicine, collaborative project ideas

Dr. Stefaan Soenen:

NanoHealth and Optical Imaging Group

KU Leuven Department of Imaging and Pathology

Herestraat 49, O&N 1, bus 505

B3000 Leuven


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