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The ImageStream combines both imaging and flow cytometry with multiple magnifications, making it ideally suited for the screening of heterogeneous populations (various cell types) and/or heterogeneous samples (e.g. blood samples, exosomes, etc.)

Examples of its unique capabilities include:

  • Visual verification of every cell

  • Nuclear translocation

  • IReceptor co-localization

  • Cellular activation and apoptosis in cell mixtures

  • Morphological cell classification of heterogeneous mixtures

  • Biological consequences of cell-cell interactions

  • Analysis of exosomes or nanoparticles interacting with cells

An overview of some of the possibilities with the ImageStream can be found below

Dotplot IS.jpg
Imagestream photo.png
Histo IS.jpg

The ImageStream allows us to visualize and gate two different cell populations that have varying emission wavelengths using a 40x magnification: CT-26 mouse colon carcinoma cells transduced with lentiviral particles expressing GFP and 4T1 mouse breast cancer cells transduced with lentiviral particles expressing RFP.

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