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Most projects running in the lab focus on the interaction of nanosized materials and biological systems. The field of nanomedicine is regarded with high expectations, and is seen as a key future medical discipline, owing to the exiting and unique properties that many nanomaterials possess. The full exploitation of the benefits of these nanomaterials can however only be reached if more detailed information is available on how these nanomaterials behave in the complex human physiology. Currently, the main projects concern the following topics:

Targeted delivery of nanomaterials (NMs)

Targeted delivery remains a major hurdle in the field, where we aim to exploit intrinsic properties of particular cellular components to use them as natural delivery vehicles for the nanomaterials.

Targeted therapy

Various NMs can affect cell physiology through different mechanisms. As our understanding of both cancer cell biology and bio-nano interactions increases, our aim is to exploit the intrinsic properties of particular nanoformulations as a novel type of therapy against specific patho-physiological conditions.

Biological understanding of NMs

Using mainly optical imaging methods, we aim to understand how NMs behave when they are exposed to either cultured cells or in preclinical animal models and how this understanding can be exploited to enhance the use of the nanomaterials as therapeutics or imaging contrast agents.


Our lab received several types of funding from multiple organizations. More information on the specific type of funding for research projects and the ERC grant can be found here:

Selected Publications

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