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Neshat Saffarzadeh
Neshat Saffarzadeh, , PhD Student KU Leuven Nanohealth and Optical Imaging Group
Nanomedicine for generic use: an anticancer- antifungal- antibacterial formulation

Since cancer and the specific use of chemotherapeutics can weaken the immune system by spreading into the bone marrow and can lead to the development of infectious diseases, my research focuses on the study of cancer, as well as, fungal/bacterial therapy. In this project, nanomaterials (NMs) with specific dissolution properties will be tested in an array of cell types, focusing on cancer and non-cancerous cells, in order to define which NM formulations have the optimal therapeutic effect against particular types of cancer. Candidate NMs will then also be tested in view of their effect on bacteria and fungi to determine the therapeutic spectrum of the nanoformulations. These will then be tested in different tumor-bearing animal models, including animals suffering from bacterial or fungal infections and the therapeutic outcomes will be compared to the more classical (chemo)therapeutics.

Promotor: Prof. Stefaan Soenen

Co-promotor: Dr. Bella Manshian

List of Publications
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